The Ipoh International Art Festival  2019 (IIAF 2019) is organized by PORT under Tourism Perak with major support from the National Art Gallery Malaysia. Involving more than a hundred arts practitioners across the country in various and specially curated programmes, IIAF 2019 includes participation from artist from more than ten countries, namely Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine, Myanmar, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Turkey, Austria, Lebanon, Sweden and Syria.


CLIMATE is about the conditions we lives in as human beings. CLIMATE is about how we deal with changes in our environment - natural, political, social and economic - wherever we may be in the world.


CLIMATE, a curated contemporary art festival consisting of multi-disciplinary art, where Malaysian and international artists of ideas and creativity. It will be a flagship art festival that showcase contemporary art practice  and discourse and will become a significant event to attract tourist to Ipoh.


The CLIMATE programming will present a selection of curated exhibitions covering paintings, print installations, audio visual and performance art; capturing current artistic thoughts and practices. Several cross-discipline components will also be featured through performances such as dance, theatre and music.


With an aim to increase engagement and appreciation for contemporary arts across a range of age groups and demographics, audience will be invited to further participate through supporting programmes    including CLIMATE  Sound, CLIMATE Talks and CLIMATE Kids.


CLIMATE aims to provide sustainable platform for artists, collectives, and artist associations; with an emphasis on working with independent initiatives, to participate and network with the wider art ecosystem and stakeholders (local and international) including corporates, galleries, art institutions and curators etc.


Exciting works by contemporary Perak artist will be exhibited alongside those from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Germany and many other countries. Art enthusiasts from the whole of Malaysia and our neighboring countries are expected to attend this event.


CLIMATE encompasses a broad meaning than just its literal meaning of temperature of weather. It may develop into topics or issues related to the shifts and fluctuation in trend, ideation, and direction within the social, poliyical and economic sphere indirectly or eventually contributing to the overall living condition of humankind.


CLIMATE will give priority to works that incorporate recycle/upcycle materials as support to the eco-tourism of Perak. The exhibition will mostly highlight issues pertaining to the importance of safe guarding nature, in order to provide a perfect location for tourism activities.


- Visual Art Exhibition

- Art Performance

- Doodle Competitions

- Workshops

- Forum

- Photography Exhibition

- Photography Competition

- Experimental & New Music

- Film Screening

- Film Weekend

- Graffiti Competition

- Theatre

- Short Film

- Literature




Art's vibrant energy shines at Ipoh International Art Festival

The sight of contemporary artist Azizan Paiman, in a hazmat suit, smashing a toilet seat in front of Muzium Darul Ridzuan's entrance in Ipoh last weekend might not have been your usual opening ceremony art event.



Ipoh International Art Festival 2019 (IIAF 2019)

Join the art Festival in ipoh Perak, co-organised by PORT and TOURISM Perak. Intention of IIAF 2019 is to help turn Ipoh to become one of the major cities that carries its own 'signature' annual art festival for the consumption of artists, tourists,art lovers, cultural researchers and art collectors from in and outside the country.

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