2014 PEKAN KARTUN VOL 1 (15 NOV 2014 / PORT) The first program organized by PORT to develop interest among Perak youth in the field of cartoonist. Among the activities that had been implemented are cartoon illustration workshop, karikatur and portrait, comic workshop, animation workshop, comic selling and also cartoon merchandise. 2015 1. OUTING GEMPAQ V6 (13 JUNE 2015 / TAMAN DR, IPOH) This event was organized yearly. Its provide photography activities that gathered a lot of amateur and professional photographer all around Malaysia. The objective of the event is to give exposure and shares idea and opinion regarding photography. This will help to develop interest and also self-esteem, exchanging ideas and experiences on photography skills. 2. PROGRAM POPCON ASIA (7 – 8 AUG 2015 / PUSAT KONVENSYEN JAKARTA, INDONESIA) One of the biggest international event in Jakarta. PORT has proved their works in arts and creative at international arena as they were nominated as the champion in “Doodle Art” category. PORT were represented by Abu Huzaifah and Mior Abdul Muneer. Furthermore, in the category of “Cosplay Photography”, Mior Azhar won the third place. 3. PORT LISTEN 1 (20 AUG 2015 / PORT, IPOH) This is one the initiatives from PORT itself by providing the platform to local musicians that want to produce their own music. There is no specification on the music genre. The main objective of the event is to generate self-esteem and provide chances and opportunity to new musicians. Moreover, the event itself gave the local musician new experience in producing and generating their own images and team. 4. PROGRAM PAMERAN BUKU ANTARABANGSA FRANKFURT (11 – 15 OCT 2015 / FRANKFURT, GERMAN) Aarbayah Binti Mohamd Zain or well known as Abby Zain is one of nation famous artist. She was listed by Majlis Buku Kebangsaan as the 50 title in order to launch Pameran Seni Visual Puteri Pakma 2 and Buku Cerita Bergambar Puteri Pakma at Frankfurt, German which is the biggest gallery exhibition in the world. 5. PORT FEST 2015 (5 – 6 DEC 2015 / DATARAN MBI, IPOH) The main objective of the event is to introducing arts talent and gave opportunities to all Perakian without age restriction for the growth of arts creation from them. Many products by Perakian are being promoted in the event. This festival aimed generate the hidden talents and assist young entrepreneur in arts to be recognized all over the nation. 2016 1. PROGRAM INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FOR DRUMS AND TRADITIONAL ARTS (19 - 25 APR 2016 / KAHERAH, MESIR) Tourism Malaysia Jeddah has received invitation to join International Festival For Drums and Traditional Arts program as Malaysia’s representative to promotes the variety of traditional arts in Perak. PORT has brought Kumpulan Dendang Anak and nominated as the winner of best performance category. 2. “WRITE THIS” COMPETITION (15-18 JUL 2016 / BRUNEI DARUSALAM) Nur Sirajuddin Bin Sharifuddin has a big talent in graffiti arts from Perak. She sent off her graffiti arts creation to the “Write This” competition that held at Skate Park, Brunei Darusalam. Her arts creation won third place in the competition. 3. 1ST INTERNATIONAL REGGAE FESTIVAL (9 – 10 SEP 2016 / TT5 DREDGE, TANJUNG TUALANG) PORT cooperated with Malaysia International Reggae Society (MIRS) to organize the first reggae music genre festival being held in Malaysia. Instead of promoting Tahun Melawat Perak 2017, this event also want to promote TT% Dredge as Perak state tourism centre. Drug-Free Music was the theme for the event. This theme was implemented in order to change the perception and public opinion towards reggae music. 4. MALAYSIA GRAFFITI EXHIBITION (11 – 15 NOV 2016 / WHITE BOX PUBLIKA) Nur Sirajuddin or Mytho (pen name) was nominated to participate Malaysia Graffiti Exhibition where this program aim to gather graffiti artist in Malaysia. There were 20 graffiti artist participated and Sirajuddin is the representative from Perak. 2017 1. DRUMS & PERCUSSION COMPETITION (30 APR 2017 / PANTAI CAHAYA NEGERI PORT DICKSON, NEGERI SEMBILAN) PORT was invited by Kilatan Unggul EZ events to participate Drums & Percussion Competition. PORT as representative of Perak has brought Perak Junior Percussion SK Tambun age from 10 to 12 years old managed to reach semi-final after beating up others 11 adult team. 2. PAKOBAN (12 – 14 MAY 2017 / BANDUNG) Pekan Kartun went to Pasar Komik Bandung 6 or known as PAKOBAN. The objective is to improve relationship between Perak and Bandung comic artists, to be precise between Malaysia and Indonesia. Pasar Komik Bandung event visited by more than 100 comic community and company from Bandung, Aceh, Batam Palembang, Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Jogjakarta, Malang and Surabaya with the crowd estimated around 4000 visitors. Arif Farhan Othman has won the Doodle Battle for individual category. Meanwhile, Mior Azhar and Mior Muneer won the team category for Doodle Battle. 3. PORT LISTEN 2 LAUNCH (9 SEP 2017 / TAMAN KANAK KANAK) PORT Listen 2 is the extension of PORT Listen 1. It brought the mainstream music genre. Consist of 10 songs from 10 different band in an album. 4. MALAYSIA FOOD & CULTURE (9 – 17 SEP 2017 / NEW DELHI, INDIA) PORT was invited once again to represent Malaysia and also Perak to make a performance at New Delhi, India. PORT sent PORT Ecco Malaysia to introduce traditional music of Perak. Meanwhile, to promote traditional dance of Perak, PORT was represented by PORT ethnic Dancer. 5. ATE MOH SINGGAH / ANJURAN PEOPLE OF REMARKABLE TALENT (PORT) IPOH This is the single from PORT production that generate traditional and contemporary music genre. The objective of Ater Moh Singgah single is to promote interesting tourism location and enjoy the taste of foods that are famous among Perak local. 2018 1. K-BEAUTY OLYMPIC COMPETITION (15-16 SEPT / VAYUPAK CONVENTION CENTRE BANGKOK, THAILAND) Nur Nabila Binti Yahya or nicknamed as Bella was alumni from Kolej Komuniti Taiping. She has participated in K-Beauty Olympic in Thailand. By dressed up as Puteri Perak, Perak traditional dress, Bella has won first place out 250 participants from other countries. She is the first Perak youth that beat up other contestants in K-Beauty Olympic Competition 2. MISS CULTURE & FRIENDSHIP INTERNATIONAL 2018 (25 NOV – 13 DEC / CHANGSHA CITY, WILAYAH HUNAN, CHINA) Amy Nur Tinie, a 22 years old girl from Ipoh, Perak participated in Miss Culture & Friendship International 2018. The competition aims to educate and promote tourism and culture. She has been involved in modelling contest since 4 years old. PORT sent her to represent Malaysia in Miss Culture 2018 in China for the first time.

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