INITIATIVE People of Remarkable Talent or well known as PORT is one of the great effort from Perak state government. The main objective of PORT establishment is to give opportunity and spaces for Perak youth that have talent in arts to involve in dance, illustration, creative graphic art, broadcasting, music and entrepreneurship as a step stone in order to help them improvise more. PLAN PORT is in the plan to find and identify new talent in every street and district through programs like Mai Nyenyam, PORTable and exPORT with a hope so that it can be shared throughout in every district of Perak state. PORT also will extend its effort to prepare more spaces and platform in order to bring these talented Perak youth to the global stage. ACHIEVEMENT The establishment of PORT since 2011 has inspired a lot of arts activities among Perak youth. Those people represented Perak and succeed in brought the good name of Perak. PORT has led them to compete in international level competition. Among the competition were ‘Doodle Art’ organized by POPCON ASIA 2015 Jakarta. This competition was participated by Pekan Kartun community. Then, Perak traditional music community also participated in International Drum and Art Festival at Kaherah, Egypt. ‘Write This’ Graffiti Competition in Brunei Darussalam was participated by Mytho, graffiti artist from Perak. PORT had brought Abby Zain, famous local visual artist to launch Puteri Pakma book at Frankfurt International Book Fair 2015, German. PORT also has formed an ethnic contemporary band named PORT ECCO. PORT ECCO established in 2017. ECCO stands for Ethnic Creative Contemporary Music.This band was inspired by Director of PORT, Sir Zamari bin Hj Muhyi. The aims of PORT ECCO is to liven up traditional music among Perak youth. As we know, traditional music has been almost forgotten by youth. By modifying Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western music with ethnic contemporary, PORT ECCO breathe life into traditional music arts. One of the highest achievement by PORT ECCO was the invitation to represent Malaysia and also Perak to make a performance during Malaysia Food and Culture 2017 at New Delhi, India. PORT ECCO also still in the making for the first album release. This album will brings modern ethnic contemporary music genre to be introduce among Perak youth in a hope that traditional music will be never be extinct.

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